Computer Chips & Tuners

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Why install performance automobile computer chips or diesel programmer? There are quite a few reasons like faster acceleration, greater torque, and greater horsepower. Computer chips programmers help by increasing your speed in passing or on the highway in general. For those looking into truck computer chips, you can have increased towing capacity thanks to auto computer chips and tuners. We offer many makes of computer chips and programmers for vehicles including Acura, Chevy, Dodge, Eagle, Ford, Honda, Infiniti, Lexus, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Plymouth, Saab, Subaru, and Toyota.

Saddle Up More Horsepower with Superchips and DiabloSport Computer Chips Programmers

With computer chips and car programmers, you will find the highest obtainable power levels of your vehicle. The right performance computer chip will add consistency and control to your throttle, affecting the overall drivability and engine performance of your car or truck. In fact, proper performance computer chips and programmers will help reduce unnecessary engine wear so your vehicles life lasts longer.

Automotive Performance Computer Chips for gas and diesel cars and trucks

Sometimes you need more than what the factory vehicle gives you and that’s where performance computer chips and programmers come into play. With the right computer chips programmer, you can add horsepower and torque, but it does not stop there. Sometimes you need auto computer chips for wheel upsizing, your air/fuel ratio, your shift points and gear selectors too. Just know that dependable computer chips and tuners can be found at wholesale prices, all thanks to Best Performance Auto Parts so place your order today.

Cooling Systems
Your cooling system is pretty important. Once you start modifying your car for speed and horsepower, things can start to get really hot under the hood. This is because your cars energy only translates about 30 percent of the energy found in gasoline into power. The rest of it ends up as waste heat, and as any good hot-rodder or tuner knows, heat is one of the biggest enemies of performance.

This is because engines are designed to run inside fairly narrow temperature ranges. You have probably noticed that a motor can be somewhat hesitant in the mornings on a very cold day it needs to warm up to that optimal temperature in order to become efficient and make the most horsepower that it can. Likewise, since the temperatures inside an engine can get scorching and don’t forget, you are actually using controlled burns of gasoline to get where you are going, too much heat can melt or damage important engine components. This is especially true if you are running performance parts such as aluminum cylinder heads.

So how can you keep things as cool as possible? It helps to have a cooling system that is up to the task of keeping your engine from baking alive. The more power you make, the hotter you engine could start to run. The first thing to keep in mind is that you should run the type of coolant that the manufacturer recommends for your car.

Now I know a lot of people tell you that all coolant is the same and that you can go down to the local supply shop and buy green, blue or orange coolant and just dump it in there, but this is not true. Each type of coolant has a different chemical composition, and your engine was designed to run specifically with what it came with from the factory.

In the event that you need to replace something probably a radiator is the most important feature. You can pick up an aftermarket one and if you are wanting to go OEM then buying a used radiator will probably be the trick..just make sure you confirm that it is the one you need and the coils are not all destroyed.

Another way you can help your stock cooling system deal with the increased load is by installing a more powerful electric fan. Most modern cars use electric fans as a stock accessory, but if you are running an older car, then you can use a conversion kit to switch over to an electric from a mechanical fan fairly easily.

The key characteristic of an electric fan is how many cubic feet per minute of air it can move CFM. You can easily find a fan with a higher CFM than your stock fan, and sometimes, (depending on how much space you have in your engine bay), you can install two fans side by side in the same housing.

Electric fans are very useful if you have a turbo car. Turbos spin very, very fast – sometimes tens of thousands of rpm. Naturally, they can get extremely hot, and so can their manifolds.

A good trick is to set your electric fan to keep running even after you have shut down the car after a hard run. It might make you feel a bit weird to walk away from your car with the fan still whirring, but putting the fan on a timer or temperature sensor that shuts it down once your engine and turbo are back down to a reasonable temperature is a great way to prevent component damage and prolong the life of your vehicle.